Registered Charity: 1204018

The Achieve Equity

Committed to equity, we empower schools to bridge gaps for
disadvantaged learners with small grants, unlocking potential and
changing lives.

Unlocking Potential. Fostering Equity. Changing Lives.

Our Mission is to empower disadvantaged young people across the UK by providing targeted educational grants for innovative projects; allowing schools to foster equitable opportunities and promote positive social change.

We are committed to reducing educational inequalities and enhancing the future prospects of vulnerable young people.

Thinking about applying?

Our pilot round for applications is now closed.  Trustees will aim to notify all applicants by 10th June 2024.    If you work in a school in England or Wales, you could be able to apply for a small grant
from us when we open our next round of applications


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The number of children living in poverty in the UK in 2021-22.

That’s around 9 children in every class of 30.

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The percentage of families of all those in poverty where at least one person is working.

This means 6 of every 9 in that class of 30 have at least one working adult at home.

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The attainment gap in months between disadvantaged learners (those eligible for free school meals) and their non-disadvantaged peers in England and Wales based on latest available reports (2021).

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About the Founders.

“Unlocking Potential. Fostering Equity. Changing Lives.”   This resonates deeply with the Achieve Equity Foundation’s three founders, Louise Blackburn, Simon Blackburn and Trevor Sutcliffe, who also serve as the directors of Challenging Education.  The majority of their time is spent supporting schools to improve outcomes for disadvantaged learners using the RADY principles.   

Through their roles as directors of Challenging Education, the founders direct funds generated from their work towards the Achieve Equity Foundation. This financial support enables the foundation’s trustees to provide targeted educational grants, fostering equitable opportunities for vulnerable learners.

The resolute commitment of the founders exemplifies the Achieve Equity Foundation’s mission to reducing educational inequalities and transform the lives of those in need. Together, they are driving positive change by unlocking potential, fostering equity, and changing lives through education and opportunity

Our Trustees.

At the heart of the Achieve Equity Foundation’s work are our dedicated trustees.

With a shared passion for unlocking potential, educational equity, and changing lives our trustees bring diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to guide the AEF mission.

Discover the faces behind the foundation’s vision who are in pursuit of a brighter future for disadvantaged learners across the UK.